What we offer

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Ground School

  • In-Person Learning
  • Talk with experienced pilots
  • Learn the fundamentals
  • Understand how planes fly


Picture of Lance Dixon, the founder and main flight instructor

Lance Dixon

Hi my name is Lance Dixon, I'm a certified flight instructor, and owner and operator of dixon aviation. We started up just prior to Covid, which shut everything down. I have been flying for the past 17 years. I enjoy teaching, especially ground school. I care more about your safety then I do running you through the program. My other CFl went to the top school and I chose to learn on my own and pay as I went. You can learn the same stuff here, that you would at a 150k school, and do it at your pace. We only ask that once you start, you study and make it to the finish line.

Picture of person two, a flight instructor.

Yi Chen

Hey, My name is Yi Chen. I was born and raised in China. Ever since I was young, I have always been interested in Aviation. I came to the United States to pursue my dream and attend the University of North Dakota because of its excellent reputation. I enjoyed my time at UND because I achieved the first step of my aviation career. After graduation, I finished my CFI course at the UND flight training center in Phoenix, AZ. I recently obtained my CFI, and with my new qualification, I am so excited to share my passion with you and help you succeed in your own aviation goal. I am beyond honored to receive a job offer here at Dixon Aviation. My experiences from the flight training I received from UND will prepare me for serving you with excellence, and I am ready to work hard to make that happen.
We will see you up there!

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